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Outdoor Bliss: Top 6 Ways to Enjoy Pender & Onslow Summers

Diane Castro-Perez
Jun 24 1 minutes read

As the weather warms up in Pender and Onslow Counties, our thoughts naturally drift to spending more time outdoors, soaking up the Carolina sun. Transforming your backyard into a versatile entertainment area can significantly enhance your summer pleasure, becoming the backdrop for family BBQs, friend gatherings, or serene evenings under the coastal sky. Plus, a well-thought-out outdoor space can boost your property value—an added perk for homeowners.

Here are six inspirations tailored for our local market to spruce up your outdoor entertainment area this summer.

Create a Coastal-Inspired Lounge

To capture the essence of coastal living, adapt your outdoor space into a laid-back, stylish lounge. Opt for weather-resistant seating that reflects our coastal vibe—think wicker or teak furniture with plush cushions. Incorporate throw pillows in nautical hues for added comfort. A fire pit can become the heart of this area, ideal for those slightly cooler coastal evenings. Lighting plays a key role; hang string lights or place lanterns to mimic the sparkle of distant lighthouses, guiding your nighttime relaxation.

Al Fresco Dining, Southern Style

Nothing says summer in the Carolinas like dining outdoors. Choose a dining set that complements the southern charm of our area and fits your space. A pergola adorned with climbing jasmine or honeysuckle not only provides shade but fills the air with sweet scents. Complete the setting with an outdoor rug to seamlessly blend indoor comfort with outdoor freedom, reminiscent of the sprawling landscapes of Pender and Onslow Counties.

Outdoor Kitchen: A Foodie's Dream

For those who fancy themselves as grill masters or cocktail connoisseurs, an outdoor kitchen is a must. Start with a high-quality grill and expand to include a prep station and outdoor fridge. The inclusion of a local craft beer tap can add a unique touch, celebrating the rich brewing culture of North Carolina. A bar setup invites guests to linger, mirroring the friendly, communal spirit prevalent in our local towns and neighborhoods.

Backyard Cinema: Coastal Edition

Turn your backyard into a beach-themed cinema. A projector and screen set against the backdrop of our starlit skies create the perfect setting for movie nights. Choose seating that complements the casual, beach vibe—think oversized bean bags or striped lounge chairs. Accentuate with fairy lights and provide blankets for when the coastal breeze picks up. Offering local popcorn flavors can turn this into an authentically Onslow and Pender experience.

Water Features: A Nod to Our Coastal Setting

Incorporating water features can bring a piece of the Carolina coast to your backyard. A serene fountain or a mini-waterfall can mimic the calming sound of nearby waves, creating a peaceful oasis. For those seeking a more interactive experience, a small plunge pool or hot tub can provide a refreshing escape from the summer heat, echoing the invigorating swims off our beautiful beaches.

Games & Activities with Local Flair

Introduce lawn games that pay homage to our local heritage and culture. Bocce ball, cornhole with boards featuring local landmarks, or a mini-golf course that mimics the topography of our regions can provide endless entertainment. For family-friendly options, consider a play area with natural wood playsets, reflecting the rustic charm of our countryside.

Final Touches: Embrace Regional Beauty

Enhancing your outdoor space with native plants not only adds color but also supports the local ecosystem. Opt for sea oats or Carolina jasmine to bring a piece of the coastal landscape home. Select outdoor textiles in hues that reflect the vibrant sunsets and calm waters of Pender and Onslow Counties. High-quality outdoor speakers can play a southern rock or beach music playlist, setting a relaxed mood. Solar-powered lights save energy and can light up walkways, ensuring your outdoor evenings can extend well into the night.

Incorporating these local-inspired ideas can turn your outdoor area into a beloved gathering spot or a personal retreat, perfect for making the most of our beautiful summer days and nights in Pender and Onscore Onslow Counties. Whether you're entertaining a crowd or enjoying a quiet evening, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space can enhance your home and create lasting memories.

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